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Hamlet of Pangnirtung zoning by-laws are offered as a downloadable PDF on this page. Please right-click the link below and select 'Save Target As' from the menu.

In order to view the PDF, you will need Adobe Reader. Click here to get download and install Reader if you do not have it installed on your computer.

Pangnirtung Zoning Bylaw.PDF979.86 KB
Public Notice Water & Sewage Rate.PDF294.32 KB
bylaw 322 Council Operations.PDF1.34 MB
bylaw 325 to appoint bylaw officer.PDF167.83 KB
bylaw 323 emergency response.PDF1.67 MB
By-Law #319 Fire Protection Service By-Law.pdf493.86 KB
By-Law #321 SAO appointment By-Law Ron Ladd.pdf38.11 KB
By-Law #315 The Taxi-By-Law.pdf119.8 KB
By-Law #311 Council Indemnity By-Law.pdf288.47 KB
By-Law #307 Municipal Rates By-Law 2013.pdf207.39 KB
By-Law #306 Business Licence By-Law 2013.pdf438.31 KB
By-Law #303 Civic Holiday.pdf47.13 KB
ByLaw Index Binder 3.pdf33.27 KB
By-Law #276 Domestic Animals.pdf115.77 KB