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Getting here

No roads lead to Pangnirtung. The only way to reach this Arctic community is by airplane.

There are daily flights from Pangnirtung to Iqaluit and Qikiqtarjuaq throughout the week. Travel in and out of Pangnirtung is through either Canadian North or First Air. All flights to and from Pangnirtung stop in Iqaluit. First Air is an Air Canada partner, and Canadian North is partnered with Air Canada and West Jet.

Airlines that service Pangnirtung

Canadian North
Toll free/Reservations: 1-800-661-1505 (service available in English and Inuktitut)

First Air
Toll free/Reservations: 1-800-267-1247

Transportation in town

Most people in town get around by cars, trucks, snowmobile or ATV.

A taxi service is provided by Jim`s Taxi (867-473-4014).
Vehicle rental is available through Sak`s Rental (867-473-4778/1354)
Cargo services are provided by J.R. Enterprises (867-473-8719).