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Research Around Pangnirtung

There are a multitude of research projects that have been completed, or are currently underway in the Hamlet of Pangnirtung and the surrounding area. The Hamlet of Pangnirtung and Engage North collaborated throughout the summer of 2015 to create a catalogue that showcases some of these great research projects for community members and researchers alike.

The sharing of knowledge between communities and researchers is of the utmost importance, and the goal of cataloguing these works is to aid in the fortification and continuity of this process in the Hamlet of Pangnritung. This document builds upon much of work that the Nunavut Research Institute (NRI) has done and the NRI was very supportive throughout the project. It is important to acknowledge all of the people who worked on the catalogue, the people of Pangnirtung and the researchers who freely contributed their work for this project. The Hamlet of Pangnirtung and Engage North are sincerely grateful to all those who were involved in the making of this report.

For information on research in Pangnirtung and across Nunavut please visit the websites below:

Arctic Science and Technology Information System:
Atlas of Community Based Monitoring Projects:
Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office:
Geological Survey of Canada:
Inuit Heritage Trust:
Nunavut Climate Change Centre:
Nunavut Geoscience:
Nunavut Libraries Online:
Nunavut Research Institute:
Nunavut Wildlife Management Board:
Polar Data Catalogue-
Qaujigiartiit Health Research Centre-

For information on the Engage North program please visit:

Pangnirtung, Nunavut- Catalogue of Research- English Version.pdf6.32 MB
Cover, Introduction and Table of Contents- English.pdf834.49 KB
Fisheries and Wildlife Research- English.pdf1.72 MB
Physical Sciences Research- English.pdf1.53 MB
Social Sciences Research- English.pdf2.51 MB