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Community update on September 3rd, 2010

1. Web Site

• The Hamlet of Pangnirtung web site will be launched on Tuesday September 7th.
• The web site has been under development for the last eight months. Hamlet staff and our web master Markus Siivola have worked very hard to develop what we think will be a very informative and interesting web page
• The web page is designed to provide information for Community residents as well as the rest of the world.
• We will be posting Hamlet Council Minutes, By-Laws and other information on the web site on a regular basis.
• The web site is dynamic and you will see new information and features on a regular basis.

2. Small Craft Harbour

• The Hamlet of Pangnirtung contract to undertake Phase 1 of the project has been completed on time and within the budget.
• Phase 2 of the project is now underway. This contact has been awarded to Tower Arctic.
• In Phase 2, additional dredging will take place in the harbour, the new breakwater will be constructed and two new ramps will be built. One ramp is for sealift and the other will be for Community use.
• This fall we will be anchoring one of the floating docks in the Harbour to determine whether the design of the floating docks will allow them to be kept in the water all year.
• Next summer (2011), a large dredging machine will be brought to town to dredge the harbour in areas that our equipment cannot reach.
• In 2012, the permanent dock and floating docks will be installed
• We expect the small craft harbour to be useable in 2013.
• We continue to work closely with Tower Arctic and are satisfied that all of the labour commitments made by Tower are being met.

3. Gasification

• The Hamlet continues to press its case with the GN that the burning of municipal dumps will no longer be tolerated in Pangnirtung
• We have met with the GN and presented them with our research on the dangers of burning dumps and the medical impact on community residents.
• The GN has hired a consultant to examine this issue and we expect him to be in Pangnirtung soon to meet with Hamlet staff
• Last week, the Mayor and SAO attended the Nunavut Association of Municipalities meeting in Iqaluit.
• At this meeting, NAM passed a unanimous resolution calling on the Government of Nunavut to address this issue on a priority basis.
• We intend to enter into a Pilot Project with the GN and expect that we will have a gasification unit in place by next summer.

4. Municipal Services

• The Hamlet is in a deficit situation and Council has passed a recovery budget to address the deficit.
• As part of the recovery budget, we are making changes to water and pump out services.
• Effective immediately, the following will be the schedule for municipal services:

Monday-Friday 8:30 – 5:00 and 6:00 – 8:00
Saturday 9:00 – 9:00
Sunday 9:00 – 5:00

• Effective September 20th, there will no municipal services available at night from Monday to Friday

5. Metal Waste

• The Council would like to work with all the residents to beautify the Community.
• We would like to removes all the metal waste form the community and move it to the metal waste storage area beside the landfill.
• Metal waste can include:
- old vehicles
- old skidoos
- old appliances such as washers and dryers
• Please call the Hamlet office and speak to Daniel, our Lands Officer. He will need your house number and a list of the items you need to have removed from your property.
• There is no cost to residents for the removal of metal waste.
• We hope to able to work with the GN to arrange for the removal of all metal waste in the community.

6. Old Cabins and Shacks

• If you have an old cabin or shack that is no longer in use and you would like it removed, please call Daniel at the Hamlet Office and give him the location.

7. Chiropractic Services

• The Canadian Chiropractic Association is currently advertising across Canada to hire a chiropractor for Pangnirtung.
• Pangnirtung will become the first Nunavut community with this service.
• We hope to see the chiropractor here by the end of October.

8. Hamlet Reorganization

• The Hamlet Council is reviewing all aspects of Hamlet operations in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the way we deliver services to the community
• Our goal is to continually improve the services we offer.
• If you have any suggestions for us, please put them in writing and forward them to Ron or Moe at the Hamlet Office.