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Pangnirtung Housing Association

The Pangnirtung Housing Association was incorporated in 1967, invested with the powers, functions and duties to operate, manage and maintain housing and to deliver the Nunavut Housing Corporation's housing programs for public housing and homeownership to the residents within the community; to assist public housing clients with housing according to their needs, allocating public housing units based on the Corporation's client selection criteria and to maintain housing units to the basic housing maintenance standards as described by the Corporation.

The Pangnirtung Housing Association, under this mandate, presently looks after 259 public housing units and 61 staff housing units for the Nunavut Housing Corporation. During 2010 the Housing Corporation will be constructing 24 more public housing units and another 15 in 2011.

The Organization operates under a Board of Directors consisting of a Chairperson, a Vice-chairperson and seven Directors. The office for the Association can be found at Unit 814D and consists of a Housing Manager, a Finance Officer, a full time Tenant Relations Officer, a part time Tenant Relations Officer, an Administrative Assistant and a part time Janitor/Cleaner. The maintenance staff consists of a Maintenance Manager, two Carpenters, two Oil Burner Mechanics, three Housing Maintenance Service personal, a Maintenance Manager Operating Systems Clerk and two part time Painters. The Maintenance Warehouse is in building 400 found near the airport. The workers are part of the Public Service Alliance of Canada and operate under a Collective Agreement with the Pangnirtung Housing Association.

Like most buildings in the arctic, this multi-family dwelling is built on piles. Most piles go down to bedrock. The building is elevated to prevent heat from melting the permafrost layer a few feet below the surface.