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Community update on October 18, 2010


• The Hamlet Council would like to express its condolences to the Nowdlak family, Peah Angmarlik and the family members for the loss of your loved one last week.

• Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

• We would like to thank the Community for their support and assistance to the family

Small Craft Harbour

• The Hamlet contract for phase 1 of the small craft harbour was completed on August 13th on time and on budget.

• Tower Arctic had the contract for phase 2 of the project. This involved construction of the new breakwater and additional dredging in the Harbour. Work on this phase of the project was completed on October 9th.

• All work is now complete for this season. The project will begin again in early June next year. We ended the project this year when the weather became cold enough to freeze the dredged material. The mud splashed onto mirrors and windows and froze. This created dangerous conditions for the drivers.

• The project created significant employment in the community. We expect the same level of local employment next year

• We will be placing one of the floating docks in the harbour within the next few days. The dock will remain in the water over the winter. This will be a test of how the floating docks will withstand our ice, current and wind conditions.

• We would like to thank Tower Arctic for widening and realigning the road that leads to the approach to the bridge. Tower Arctic did this work for no charge as a service to the Community

Tank Farm

• The tank farm area has been expanded and one new tank is almost finished construction.

• A tanker will be in at the end of the month to deliver additional supplies.

• This summer, a fuel tank was disassembled in Resolute Bay and has been shipped to Montreal.

• Next summer this tank will be delivered to Pangnirtung and erected in the expanded tank farm area.

• Next summer, we are also going to construct a refuelling depot at the airport so that airplanes can be refuelled without the delivery truck having to be used.

Staff Changes

• The Hamlet is happy to welcome Trina Qaqasiq back to town after being away for over a year. Trina has resumed her duties as Finance Clerk.

• Brenda Belair, our Finance Director, is back after being on medical leave. We welcome Brenda back to town.

• Ron Mongeau, our SAO, also was on medical leave and has now returned to his duties.

• Annie Dialla will now be working on special projects and analysis in the Finance Office.

• Jimmy Keenainak is our new Municipal Maintenance Operating System (M.M.O.S.) technician in the garage. We welcome Jimmy back to the Hamlet.

• We expect to make a job offer today for our new Hamlet Foreman.


• Hamlet staff has met with the consultant who is reviewing the options that are available to manage our municipal dump.

• The Hamlet Council is firmly committed to pursuing a gasification system to allow us to:

- Burn garbage
- Create waste heat for some of our buildings
- Downsize the existing dump.

• The Hamlet has a commitment from the Government of Nunavut to address this issue on an urgent basis.

• Our intention is to have a system in place by this time next year.

Airstrip Resurfacing

• The Federal and Nunavut Governments have committed 1.2 million dollars to resurface the runway next year.

• This project also includes application of surface stabilization materials, which will bind the surface of the runway. This will benefit the health of residents by reducing the amount of dust created by planes taking off and landing on the runway.

• Gravel has already been produced for this project and the work will take place next summer.

Elder Transportation

• Last year the Hamlet purchased a bus equipped with handicapped access.

• The bus was purchased with funding from the Q.I.A. Social Development Fund.

• We are now exploring options to put the bus in service.

• The SAO will be meeting with the Youth Committee to investigate whether they can deliver this service in conjunction with the Hamlet.

Clean Up

• We had a very successful clean up last week.

• The Hamlet Council would like to thank all the teachers, students and other participants for their work.

• Your hard work has made a major improvement to the Community