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Community Update on February 28, 2011

1. Youth Entrepreneurial Centre

• We have received approximately $80,000 from CanNor to conduct a feasibility study for a youth Entrepreneurial Centre in Pangnirtung.
• The purpose of this Centre will be to provide training and support for youth who wish to go into business for themselves.
• The steering committee has selected SAHA Consultants from Ottawa to undertake the study
• The consultants arrived at the end of January and were in the community for about one week.
• The feasibility study will be completed by March 31, 2011.

2. Reservoir and Fill Station Upgrades

• Artkis Consultants from Yellowknife have a contract with the GN to review and make recommendations about the reservoir and truck fill station.
• Two engineers were in town recently to discuss the truck fill station with the Foreman and SAO.
• We agreed that major improvements are needed to improve safety and efficiency.
• We expect to have plans for then new truck fill station available for review before March 31, 2011.

3. Emergency Planning Workshop

• In conjunction with the Government of Nunavut, the Hamlet hosted a four day training workshop from Feb 07-10.
• We invited a number of organizations to participate in the workshop. These included;
-Mayor, SAO,ASAO, Hamlet Foreman
-RCMP, Health Centre, Rangers, Fire Department
-Qulliq energy, the schools, Social Services and the Housing Association
• The purpose of the workshop was to explain how to organize, train and plan for emergencies in the Community.
• The committee will meet again on March 9th
• The Mayor has indicated that he would like to have the final Emergency Plan ready for review by Council no later than 3 months from now.

4. Street Naming Project

• The Hamlet Council would like to name all the streets in Pangnirtung.
• Our office is preparing information and guidelines for the community.
• We will then ask the community to suggest names for our streets.

5. Curfew By-Law

• As we have discussed before, The Hamlet Council would like to pass a curfew by-law.
• The purpose of this by-law would require unescorted children to be off the street during the night hours.
• The bylaw will require parents to supervise their children and parents could be charged under the bylaw if their children are out at night.
• The Council will hold a public meeting on Wednesday March 02 at 7:00 pm in the Community Hall to solicit input from the community.

6. Baffin Mayors Meeting

• The Baffin Mayors meeting was held last week in Iqaluit.
• Mayor Sowdluapik chaired the meeting while Deputy Mayor Kooneeliusie represented Pangnirtung
• We will have more updates on this after we receive the minutes of the proceedings and copies of the resolutions.
• Over $3000 raised in a silent Auction was donated to the Anglican Cathedral building fund.

7. Greenlandic Visit

• The Greenlandic Minister of Education and some of her officials visited Pangnirtung with Kathy Okpik, the GN Deputy Minister of Education.
• Mayor Sowdluapik had an opportunity to have lunch with them and to give them some gifts on behalf of the Community.

8. Canadian Chiropractic Association

• This project is on schedule and we expect to have Chiropractor in the Community in April.
• The chiropractor will be based at the Health Centre.

9. Municipal Dump and Gasification

• The Hamlet has been doing some work in the dump to segregate garbage into small piles that can be burned with a lesser risk to the community
• The Hamlet Council is still committed to pursuing gasification as a long term solution to open burning at the dump.
• The GN engineers will be in Pangnirtung in March to follow up on this issue with the Hamlet Council.

10. House # 456

• House #456, near the power plant, is a danger to the community and will be demolished by the Hamlet.
• We will delay demolition until 8:30 am on Thursday, March 03 to allow residents to look for any materials they may want to remove from the site.
• The site will be closed to the public after 8:30 am on Thursday

11. Cell Phone Update

• The Hamlet Council is still pursuing this issue.
• We will be meeting with the President of the cell phone company within the next month.
• We will have more information for the Community after that meeting.

12. Schedule for Community Updates

• The Mayor and SAO will be updating the Community every three weeks.
• The schedule for the next two months is:
March 21st
April 11th
May 2nd
May 23rd
• All updates will take place at noon.