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Community Update on March 31, 2011

1. Street Naming Project

• The Hamlet is going ahead with a project to name all of the streets in Pangnirtung.
• We will be asking the Community to suggest names for streets in town.
• We hope to have information out to the community within the next few weeks about this.

2. Gasification Update

• The Hamlet Council continues to pursue a gasification system as the only viable long-term solution to managing our municipal dump.
• We are waiting for the GN to release the results of the report that they commissioned about this issue.

3. Curfew By-Law

• As we have discussed before, The Hamlet Council would like to pass a curfew by-law.
• The purpose of this by-law would require unescorted children to be off the street during the night hours.
• The bylaw will require parents to supervise their children and parents could be charged under the bylaw if their children are out at night.
• The Council held a public meeting on Wednesday March 02 which was adjourned because there were not enough people in attendance.
• We intend to have a radio show to discuss the bylaw.
• The Council then intends to pass this bylaw

4. Canadian Chiropractic Association

• This project is on schedule and we expect to have Chiropractor in the Community in April.
• The chiropractor will be based at the Health Centre.

5. Hamlet Budget 2011-12

• The Hamlet Council has approved the new budget which will be in place beginning tomorrow April 1st
• Budget highlights are:

Anticipated Revenue $6,366,177
Anticipated Expenses $6,036,459

Surplus $329,718.00

Payroll Total $3,697,037

6. Hamlet Inventory

• Hamlet Staff are currently finalizing the first ever complete inventory of all Hamlet materials and supplies.
• This will allow the Hamlet to accurately reflect our true financial position on our financial statements.

7. Pangnirtung By-Election

• The Hamlet Council has been advised that a by-election to fill the vacant MLA position will be held on September 12, 2011.
• We will provide more information when it becomes available.

8. GN Access Road Program

• The Mayor feels that the lack of access roads is causing undue hardship for hunters and other Community members.
• The Mayor has requested that our Lands Officer develop a map showing some options for access roads.
• Hamlet Council will review this data and seek input from the Community.
• This program is funded by the GN department of Economic Development and Transportation.
• There is $50,000 available each year for three years under this program.

9. Minister of Health Visit

• The Hamlet has just been advised that Leona Aglukkaq will visit Pangnirtung on Hamlet Day, Monday April 4th.
• She will arrive on First Air at 9 am.

10. Dogs Running Loose

• Over the past few months, the Hamlet has made a concerted effort to deal with the large numbers of dogs running loose in the Community.
• It is the responsibility of every pet owner to ensure that there animal is not allowed to run loose.
• Any dog running loose can and will be shot under our animal control bylaw