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Small Craft Harbour

May 10, 2010


• Construction of the Small Craft Harbour will begin about June 15th. The start date will depend on when the gravel pit is sufficiently thawed.
• The first phase of the project is a $5.6 million dollar contract. The Hamlet has sub-contracted with Tower Arctic to carry out the construction. This first phase will end on August 15th.
• On August 16th, Tower Arctic will carry out phase 2 of the project. This phase will end around freeze-up.

What will happen in the harbor this year?

• We will create a berm (retaining wall) on the east side of the existing breakwater. Dredged material will be dumped in this enclosure to create a marshalling area.
• This year we will be doing a partial dredging in different areas of the inner Harbour.
• We will construct two new ramps on the beach. One to be used for
sea lift operations and the other for community use.
• We are going to install some of the floating wharves later in the fall. They will be left in the harbour over the winter to test their resilience and stability in the ice.
• Construction of the second breakwater will take place in phase 2 of the project this fall.

Traffic and Construction

• We have planned this project so that heavy equipment and dump trucks will use municipal roads to the least extent possible.
• All dump trucks will use the new road constructed on the north side of the river and the new river crossing the Hamlet put in place last fall.
• However it is important to realize that there will be noise and some disruption resulting from this large construction project.
• This project will have 2 -10 hour shifts operating 7 days a week from June 15th to freeze up.
• Dump trucks will be operating continuously bringing rocks and gravel from the quarry to the harbour site.
• Heavy equipment will be operating in the Harbour during every low tide and will also be in operation in this area during high tide.
• One area of possible congestion is near the gas station. We will be looking at this issue to determine a safe solution.
• It is important to understand that these dump trucks are very large and can carry up to 60 tons of material per load. Because of this weight, the trucks need a longer distance to safely brake and stop.
• Your safety during this construction is of the highest importance.
• We ask all parents to explain this issue to their children. It is very important for their safety that children stay well away from this road and all the construction areas.
• The Hamlet urges all residents to be aware of their safety and stay well away from all construction areas.

Can I use the harbour this summer?

• The Harbour WILL BE CLOSED to all residents at low tide from mid June until freeze up.
• The Harbour may be accessible to residents at high tide but there will be disruptions and heavy equipment will be operating in the area.
The Hamlet strongly urges that everyone make alternative arrangements for anchorages out side the Harbour during construction.


• To date we have 15 equipment operators and drivers who have signed up to work on the project:
13 from Pangnirtung
1 each from Iqaluit and Qikiqtarjuaq

• Some jobs are still available, especially for drivers. If you are interested, please contact the Hamlet Office as soon as possible.

• We have not determined how many casual labourers we will be able to hire for this project. If you are interested in casual employment, please contact Ranika at the Hamlet office and fill out an application.


• We expect that there will be a need for housing during the length of the project this summer and fall.
• If you have a bed and breakfast or other accommodations available for rent, please contact Simeonie at the Hamlet Office as soon as possible.

Vehicle rentals

• We also expect a need for rental of cars/trucks, ATV’s and carts.
• If you are interested in renting a vehicle, please contact Simeonie at the Hamlet office as soon as possible.

The Hamlet Council would like to emphasize that construction work on the harbour will be taking place continuously from mid-June to freeze up. We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of residents during construction.

Our work crews are certified and experienced and will have daily and weekly safety meeting. The route of construction traffic will minimize the impact of heavy equipment in the community.

We need your help to make sure that your children understand the dangers involved in playing near the construction area and are warned to stay well away from the harbour during construction.

This update will be translated and all residents will receive a copy through the Post Office.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact the Hamlet office.

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